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How to play Wordability Solo

1. Press "PLAY". Choose any one of the lists of names and you will find a list of ten names. These will be the names that you play with. The object of the game is to use the tiles on the right of the board to layout all the names shown in the list below the game board. You start by putting a name anywhere on the board.

2. You place name on the board by dragging a tile onto the board and drop it into place. Keep dragging tiles until all of the names in the list at the bottom of the screen are spelt on the board. You can rearrange tiles as much as you like until you are happy with the layout. The name can be spelled forwards, backwards, up the board or down the board.

3. When you are happy you've arranged any or all of the names for the maximuum possible score, click "PLAY NAMES". The game will calculate your score and tell you the names you have played and offer you the chance to submit your score and the chance to to join the leaderboard or go back to the board to try to improve your score by revising your layout.

4. After the first name has been placed on the board each other name must join one of the names laid down. Names cannot be joined together end to end e.g. JONES and SMITH cannot be joined to make JONESSMITH or SMITHJONES.

5. Where names are laid parallel to each other they must be separated by at least one space.

6. Names can cross over names already laid down (but see Rule 4).

7. Where names are placed on a premium square the value of that premium is taken for each name which uses that square.

Enjoy and good luck. Wordability Limited

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