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About us

Wordability was conceived by us, Ronald Morrison, George Morrison and Kenneth Morrison as a strategic word game/war game (where words are used as weapons) by accident when we were playing another well known word game. We were bored by the sterile atmosphere of just putting words down on a board. There was no fun. There was no excitement. There was no "point" to the game other than to see how many long words of numerous syllables could be spelled out with lettered tiles.

Kenneth broke the monotony. It was his turn to start a game. He placed his tiles down the board diagonally. We followed by putting our tiles down in different ways. Soon we were playing by putting the tiles down forwards, backwards, up the board, down the board and diagonally up the board and diagonally down the board. Like a trio of naughty six year olds we each tried to out-do the others. In the process we also introduced the rule that where words joined, the tiles which joined the words or adjoined the words should also make acceptable words.

We finished that session after midnight. We realised that we had had an enormous amount of fun. The daft game we had been playing was fun, exciting, interesting and skillful. The following week we met again, as usual, but not to play the other word game. We played our own game. We enjoyed it as much as the previous week. We have now been playing it regularly each week since and we enjoy it as much now as we did on that first night. We have learned that the game is not daft. it is skillful, intense, enjoyable, fun and interesting.

We hope you get the same enjoyment from playing it as we do.

Ronald Morrison, George Morrison and Kenneth Morrison.

Our thanks to:

M Hughes of Galaxy Graphics (www.galaxygraphics.co.uk) for designing the website and the design/development of the example games of Wordability and for the entire Wordability Solo web game.

M Hughes of Galaxy Graphics (www.galaxygraphics.co.uk) and Sunil Patel (www.z-fox.com) for the development and design of the internet version of Wordability.

Rob Hoare of Morewords (www.morewords.com) for his assistance in providing the word list incorporated in the internet version or Wordability.

Sarah A Morrison for permission to use the extract of her composition "Beijing Melody" composed and played by her.

CWCS Hosting (www.cwcs.co.uk) for the help given in hosting our site.

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